Indias economic achievements

In India due to the development of agriculture, industry and defence, the rate of capital formation has also increased. During the first two plans employment opportunities were generated for about 16 million people. There is no cure-all for blindness, but there are certain rapidly-widening avenues which are providing more impressive Indias economic achievements every day.

There might be a lot of things wrong with our country, but we can always feel proud about our progress Indias economic achievements science and medicine and the people who make that possible.

The chips found distinctions between certain tumors that scientists had previously thought of as one disease, but which are Indias economic achievements different types of cancer. Agricultural development was a key to a number of national goals, such as reducing rural poverty, providing an adequate diet for all citizens, supplying agricultural raw materials for the textile industry and other industries, and expanding exports.

Criminalization of politics; political-corruption and politician-criminal nexus 5 Issues of national integrity and security have not received adequate and thoughtful attention. Thanks to modern-day care, it is now possible to be dead by most definitions for several hours, and then return to live for decades, undamaged.

When it came to clothing, the Indians went from basic clothing to the achievement of wearing long robes and more difficult items to create. The continuing shortages of food in the s and the consequent crises convinced planners that raising agricultural output, especially food grains, was essential for political stability and independence from foreign food aid.

The emphasis was extended was lord on the development of basic industries like steel, power and chemical fertilizer. They offer the promise of a quick genetic analysis of disease, and have already played their part in medical breakthroughs.

One such effort was the appointment in of the Royal Commission on Agriculture, which made some recommendations for improving agriculture and promoting the welfare of the rural population. Measures suggested by the commission to improve the working of the constitution It suggested enlargement of fundamental rights.

There is crisis of leadership. Specifically, there were few improvements in seeds, agricultural implements, machines, or chemical fertilizers.

It opined that the practice of sending or fortnightly reports to the President is not a healthy one. Development of Science and Technology: Administration of Justice Judicial system has not been able to meet even the modest expectations of the society.

It has recommended that there should a provision for impeachment of governor by the state legislature. It is expected to be Rs.

As a result, these plans have been ensuring the improvement of living standards of the people, removal of poverty, creation of additional jobs, and reduction in inequalities of income and wealth.

Ancient Indian economy

Again during about 20 million people got fresh job opportunities. Brihadrata was the last Mauryan dynasty ruler, but he still followed the Buddhist faith.

Technologically too, some advances have been made. This statement was the basis of many of the policies adopted soon after independence, especially in the First Five-Year Plan, when the central government was committed to giving priority to agricultural production to increase the food supply in the country.

The commission has suggested widening of the list of prohibitions to include ethnic or social origin, colour, age, and language, political or other opinion, property and birth.

In the mids, the goal of self-reliance was added to this list. This simple treatment has since been tried with several other patients, with marvelous results. The prolonged neglect of agriculture in India meant that there was almost no growth in the agricultural sector. Examples are the existence of public sector in some important areas, establishment of financial institutions for term finance, and development of support-system to help various sectors.

A capacity addition of 40, MW in the public utilities has been targeted for the Ninth Five Year Plan period and against this achievement so far during the first three years of the Plan period were 3, MW, 4, MW and 4, MW respectively.

One outcome, however, was the establishment of the Imperial later Indian Council of Agricultural Research in Planwise, there has been mixed experience of success and failure.

Total backlog which was 5. There is a greater push towards non-centralisation. In addition, as under Mughal ruleland revenue collected in the Bengal Presidency helped finance the Company's wars in other parts of India.

What are some of the significant achievements of India's democracy?

It rose to The doctor crushed it on a spoon, fed it to the patient, and was shocked when just half an hour later, the comatose person made a noise for the first time in five years.

This statement was the basis of many of the policies adopted soon after independence, especially in the First Five-Year Plan, when the central government was committed to giving priority to agricultural production to increase the food supply in the country.

In the same fashion, the production of sugar was recorded to be thousand tones in against thousand tones in The Kumara was the head of all the provincial administration.

It can only be given so often, but its results are astonishing. Inthere werecases of polio reported in India alone—more than in any other country. Keeping in mind the variety of socioeconomic and agroclimatic differences, the government adopted an area-specific approach, and emphasized programs such as the Intensive Area Agricultural Programme and the Intensive Agricultural District Programme.Apr 22,  · Over the last years, the field of medicine has accomplished many astonishing things.

Some of these medical achievements are well-known and celebrated—antibiotics, vaccines, and organ transplants, for example. This is a list of ten recent success stories in the world of medical science, which.

The economic history of India is the story of India's evolution from a largely agricultural and trading society to a mixed economy of manufacturing and services while the majority still survives on agriculture.

The main thrust of new economic policy is to bring down fiscal deficit to the extent of 3 percent of GDP. Infiscal deficit come down to % and further to % in No doubt, after the implementation of economic policy fiscal deficit has reduced but Govt. is still far away from its target. India's post-independence growth story is a nuanced picture of spectacular successes in the political sphere combined with unforgivable social failure.

Though India has enjoyed higher growth rates than Mexico for three decades, its per capita GDP in was equal to that in Mexico in the s. The trade and economy of the Mauryan dynasty was one of their most influential achievements. India Unites: c. Alexander the Great conquered Persia Greek empire failed when Alexander diedNow a native Indian Empire would begin.

Mauryan Trade/Economy. Indian Agriculture. State farms operated and cultivated by slaves. Grew Rice, Pepper. The years of independence have seen many changes in the socio-economic landscape of Asia's third largest economy. During the decades that followed the colonial rule, India's economy, in absolute terms, has expanded to Rs 57 lakh crore from mere Rs lakh crore and the nation's foreign exchange.

Indias economic achievements
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