An analysis of newsweek and times articles regarding the ginna nuclear power plant accident

Rivers, The Mass Media2nd ed. Rail shipment of crude oil, especially highly volatile crude that originates in the Bakken shale in the Northern Plains, has been a controversial topic for the last several years.

More than 94, customers taking part since the program began in are saving more than million kilowatt-hours of electricity and more than 13 million therms of natural gas each year, company officials said.

Newspapers were a bit more careful to cite risk assessment sources than were magazines, as shown in Table 5. Scientists 1 magazines published the largest number of specific risk assessment information. May 4, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle [more on Energy in our area] The tar sands invasion that can be stopped Many across the United States are aware of the tar sands threat posed by the proposed Keystone XL pipeline but what many may not know is the U.

But recent advances in detecting this potent greenhouse gas are pushing U. Since the leak was discovered earlier this week, more than 9, gallons of oil have been raked, skimmed or vacuumed from a 9-mile stretch of California shoreline near Santa Barbara, officials say.

The coast isn’t clear for India’s nuclear power quest

US railways now transport nearly ten percent of America's crude oil output, or aroundbarrels per day; that's a percent increase in just the last four years.

What happens when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow? After the Industrial Revolution, the outlook started to change. The point is to reduce the state's carbon emissions and lessen its role in climate change.

Results Seventy-six articles were published about the accident at the Ginna nuclear power plant by the sampled publications.

Erie County lost its largest air and water polluter. Since methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, that is bad news for climate change. The local utility, NYSEG, opposes a proposed conversion to natural gas and wants to invest in their transmission system instead.

Other significant changes at EM headquarters as a result of the reorganization include: Maybe that is a better place for him to be. In almost all the cases with Ginna, the translating stategy was a comparison: Environment [more on Energy in our area] Are small nuclear reactors a clean energy solution?

March 10, NYT: Cole charges that by simply covering scores of stories about health risks, the media confuse even the highly educated: The call for an investigation echoes demands made in recent days by three Democratic presidential candidates, including Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and by several Democrats in Congress.

For the weekly magazines, the period examined was one month from the time of the accident at Ginna. How a coal plant is cleaning up its act The Homer City Generating Station rises like a cathedral out of a valley in Indiana County, just east of Pittsburgh.

We also looked at the number of risk statements reported in individual stories and determined whether anv risk statements beyond the original assessments supported or contradicted the original risk statements.

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The period studied was Jan. Sierra Club Books,pp.

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So she hopes that she and her daughter will be able to live together once her daughter is old enough to make her own choice. Battered by storms and weakened with age, the natural gas distribution pipes of urban New Jersey have long been in need of repair. Twenty-seven of the train's oil cars went off the tracks — some catching fire or exploding.

Southern California Gas Co. Not one writer used analogies or examples; 13 used comparisons; and three used testimonials to explain risk projections.

The number for scientists' magazines was lower than all of these. Seven of the 42 CSX cars jumped the tracks, spilling thousands of gallons of chemicals. The accident, which occurred early Saturday morning, marks the second time in less than a month that a Canadian National Railway train carrying crude oil has derailed and caught fire near the community of Gogama, Ont.

And, also as we expected, publications aimed at general audiences published more general nonquanti tati ve risk assessment information than publications aimed at scientifically- trained audiences.

The list of prestige newspapers was drawn from the following sources: People wonder what went wrong. For example, an accident at a nuclear power generating plant could cause cancer in an unspecified number of residents around the plant.

The repercussions of pollution or overuse of a resource often takes a long time for us to recognize and when we finally do, it is invaluable to be able to track the history of various issues before they get to a tipping point and became a crisis.Results Seventy-six articles were published about the accident at the Ginna nuclear power plant by the sampled publications.

Four were sidebars, and 72 were primary stories, as indicated in Table 8 io 1. Jul 08,  · Take for example, the NRC’s approval of a 15 percent power uprate for the Nine Mile Point 2 nuclear power plant in upstate New York.

That approval was the culmination of an NRC review that began with the submittal of the application on May 27, apocalypse at the nuclear plant essay examples from best writing service Get more persuasive, argumentative apocalypse at the nuclear plant essay samples and other research papers after sing up.

The MX Information Center records () consist of subject files, alphabetical files, petitions, correspondence, financial records, writings, publications, and other materials. The MX Information Center was an anti-MX and anti-nuclear weapons group in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As ofNew York had four operating nuclear power stations: the James A. Fitzpatrick and the Nile Mile Point plants, both near Oswego; the Indian Point plant in Westchester County; and the Robert E. Ginna plant near Rochester.

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An analysis of newsweek and times articles regarding the ginna nuclear power plant accident
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